Kathy Hale

I have been privileged to work in math education in the state of Texas for more than 40 years, working in large and small districts in diverse areas including Abilene, Bryan, McCamey, Ira and a short stay in New Mexico.  I have worked with all grade levels K-12 in one capacity or another and it has helped me develop an understanding of our math education as a continuum designed to help students learn and succeed.

I have served on the TCTM board twice as treasurer for a total of 8 years, with my current term ending in another year.  Handling the financial side of this organization has given me a first-hand understanding of the workings of the organization as TCTM supports in-service and preservice teachers.  I believe this knowledge equips me to be an effective president of the organization as well as a spokesperson on behalf of teachers.

I have been honored with the TCTM Leadership Award for work at the state level, including extensive committee work with the development of curriculum, assessment and professional development materials through my work at an education service center, work with TEA, and other support organizations. I have enjoyed meeting many of you through my presentations at CAMT and other state or national conferences.  Conversations with you have informed my thinking as I do my work with teachers and students and I hope that I can continue growing with you all as we continue working for the children of Texas.