Leadership Award Winners

Leadership Awards

Each year since 1995, TCTM has accepted nominations for two awards for leaders in our professional community. The TCTM Leadership Award is presented to a TCTM member who is nominated by a TCTM affiliate. The second award, the E. Glenadine Gibb Achievement Award, is presented to someone nominated by a TCTM member.

Leadership Awardees

The following individuals have been honored and we wish to acknowledge their former and ongoing contributions.

Year TCTM Leadership 
E. Glenadine Gibb 
1995 Mary Alice Hatchett Iris Carl
1996 Betty Forte Cathy Seeley
1997 Diane McGowan Pam Chandler
1998 ---- ----
1999 Linda Shaub Eva Gates
2000 Lloy Lizcano Bill Hopkins
2001 Susan Hull Pam Alexander
2002 Janie Schielack Judy Kelley
2003 Bonnie McNemar Dinah Chancellor
2004 Dixie Ross Jacqueline Weilmuenster
2005 Barbara “Basia” Hall Barrie Madison
2006 Nancy Trapp Lois Gordon Moseley
2007 Kathy Hale Cynthia L. Schneider
2008 Jim Wohlgeheagen Juanita Copley
2009 Jane Silvey Jo Ann Wheeler
2010 Elaine Young Paula Steffen Moeller
2011 Beverly Burg Anderson Jennie M. Bennett
2012 Paul Gray, Jr. Linda Gann
2013 Vodene Schultz Anne Papakonstantinou
2014 Caren Sorrells Noemi Rodriguez-Lopez
2015 Jennifer Hylemon Bea Luchin
2016 Robb Wilson Trena Wilkerson